The Truth About My Adventures

This morning I walked my daughter to school. I packed her lunch, I fixed her hair (twice), I made sure everything she needed was in her backpack. I helped her decide on a jacket and shoes. I bundled up the baby and put him in the front pack, I put the leash on the dog and walked out the front door, coffee in hand. When we got to the corner, one of our neighbors was waiting to meet her sister, and we chatted briefly. She commented that look at me, doing it all, and we laughed about it being a facade and having coffee to function. Yes, look at me. Doing it all. The truth is, it didn’t just happen and I don’t do it all.

The introduction to this post makes it sound easy, but truthfully it’s daily chaos. There are arguments, every day, over hair. Brushing hair. Sounds like the easiest thing in the world, right? Wrong. My daughter hates brushing her hair, and will cry and fuss and whine on a daily basis and ask “Why do I have to brush my hair?” I have threatened to cut it off more times than I can count. Getting everything, including the newly packed lunch, in her backpack? Usually it requires several reminders, several trips up and down the stairs, and eventually me physically doing half of it. Bundling up the baby involves a tangled mess of squirming body, waving arms, and kicking legs. He’s almost too fat to wrestle into the front pack these days, and of course I had him in the front pack before I thought to leash the dog. That cup of coffee I clutched desperately in my hand? Half of it was dumped on the dog as she excitedly pushed her way past me walking out the door and tripped my daughter, who was also crowding to get out the door first. Chaos. The truth is, those who look like we have it all together, the so-called “Super Moms”–they’ve just mastered the facade. Perhaps the mythical Super-Mom does exist, but truthfully I would find her a fearsome creature to behold, and I have no interest in her. I love my messy, chaotic family. I like knowing that I’m no better or worse off than any of my other fellow moms and dads, because we’re all in this adventure together. We all have stories to tell, and we all spill coffee on the dog sometimes.



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